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Hey Parent!
Running out of fun activities to do with your preschooler?

Get Fun Academy FREE for 90 days and gain access to fun and educational everyday activities you can easily do at home!


Early education


Fun learning


Connect with your children

Fun Academy is a platform filled with
different stories and activities for you and your children

Fun Academy is an engaging activity tool for parents of 3 to 6-year-olds. Fun Academy helps you to create positive interactions with your children and develop as a parent through low-effort activity ideas.

Right now we are offering a 90-day trial for you to try Fun Academy out and see how it impacts your and your child's daily life. The activities are quick and easy and you can do them at home.


Fun Academy truly is the best possible education for children between the ages of 3 to 6.

If you as a parent feel like you dont know what you should do when your tells you “I’m bored”.

You might think that doing something beneficial with your children has to be this big and hard process. I am very happy to tell you: Simple and quick things are more than enough.

While using Fun Academy, you will never run out of ideas on what to do with your children. We have thought all of that for you, and the best thing is the fact that its based on a really highly studied early childhood education system.

2000+ Educational Activities

Activity examples

What other parents say

“I am delighted to see my children enjoying the activities so much– – they are so calm and productive. Their smiles make my heart melt.”

Mother, Teacher,

Ann K, Hongkong

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“This app really helps with having quality time with my children. It’s not only fun games or engaging materials but what I appreciate the most are the suggested questions that help me step into my kids’ world of imagination and play!”

Mother, Psychologist,

Dung Q, Vietnam

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“I am so grateful for these ready-planned sessions that help me as a grandma to organize fun activities with my grandson. I am an ambassador for Fun Learning, so no wonder this resource pack resonates with me!”

Grandmother, Textbook Editor, Sanna L, Finland

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Our story

This program is based on a kindergarten teacher's manual used in Finland - with the activities now revised for your home environment. 


The activities are designed to spark interest, foster creativity and support curiosity.


While creating this program it was quite natural to take the teacher’s manual as the starting point and to create a program to help parents with simple recommendations and instructions.


Positive interaction between the parent and child supports brain development. A positive attitude toward play lays a foundation for not just a happy childhood but also gives your child a solid foundation for future learning. This is where Fun Academy comes in handy. 


Let’s let our children enjoy their childhood as an important time in life. 


Show your love with Fun Academy.

Our story

Register now

We trust 100% that Fun Academy can be a great tool for any parent with a 3-6 year old child.


By registering for the trial now, you get acces to all the future updates and extras we are developing.

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Have fun


Who can benefit from Fun Academy?


You have 3-6 year old children

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​You want your children to have all the possibilities to get far in life

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You think to yourself “Am I doing this parenting thing right?” 

Become a test user and access Fun Academy FOR FREE!

Stop wasting time on thinking new things to do with your child. Hundreds of parents are using Fun Academy App to get new ideas on activities. Give Fun Academy a go for 90 days - for free! 

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